Sectigo Essential SSL Certificate


Essential SSL delivers all of the essentials for SMBs. You’ll get industry-standard encryption up to 256-bits with a 2048-bit signature key. You’ll also gain some peace of mind that comes from knowing the world’s leading Certificate Authority has your back with a $10,000 warranty and it also comes with a dynamic Sectigo branded site seal, which helps boost consumer confidence. Best of all, Essential SSL is highly affordable and can be issued in just minutes—making it one of the best DV options on the market.

  • Covers WWW & non-WWW
  • Essential SSL comes with a dynamic (clickable) Sectigo branded site seal. It can be placed on login and checkout pages to boost trust.
  • Industry-Standard 256-bit encryption
  • Backed by a $10,000 Warranty
  • Essential SSL is a Domain Validated SSL certificate, this means that it can be issued within minutes of purchasing it.

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