Web Hosting, Domains, Servers and SSL certs

We offer a variety of eco hosting packages on green energy powered servers. Located in European data centers in accordance with the strict European data protection regulations.

Our Finish data center partner uses wind and hydropower for all of its energy uses. Our German data center partner uses green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.
The origin of this electricity is certified with Guarantees of Origin (GoO) in accordance with the RES-E Directive. The guarantees of origin have been granted in accordance with the EECS (European Energy Certificate System) standard. Oomi Oy acquires a corresponding amount of electricity certified with a guarantee of origin, which is verified by an auditor each year.

✨✨ SSL certs with $50,000 warranty from €9.78 / year ✨✨

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is where you share the resources of the server with some of our other customers. If your site becomes busier we can increase your disk space and or bandwidth. Or you can switch to a VPS when needed.

  • 10 GB Disk space
  • 1 Database
  • WordPress or other CMS pre installed
  • Fee SSL cert by Let’s Encrypt, a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG)
  • 2 Email address

Managed Virtual Private Servers

This is a fully managed service so you don’t need any knowledge of web server software.

  • NVMe SSDs
  • 10 Gbit network connection
  • Automatic daily backups
  • DDoS protection
  • Fee SSL cert by Let’s Encrypt
  • 20 TB of traffic But if you need, you may add more for an extra € 1.23 a month per TB.

Professional Virtual Private Servers have their own dedicated CPU resources
and are ideal for CPU intensive applications like highly frequented web servers, video encoding, machine learning or research calculations.


2 CPUs
8 GB Ram
60 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic

€38 / month

VPS 16GB Pro

4 CPUs
16 GB Ram
160 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic

€53 / month

VPS 32GB Pro

8 CPUs
32 GB Ram
240 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic

€88 / month

Standard Virtual Private Servers are ideal for individual applications, distributed systems, dynamic clusters or development environments.
VPS2: uses a balanced amount of CPU and RAM based on Intel® Xeon® Gold processors.
VPS4 and VPS8 are optimized for CPU performance based on AMD EPYC 2nd Gen processors.


2 CPUs
2 GB Ram
20 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic

€20 / month


3 CPUs
4 GB Ram
80 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic

€30 / month


4 CPUs
8 GB Ram
160 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic

€40 / month