Enhance your web presence with our eco-friendly hosting solutions that prioritize sustainability. Explore our diverse range of hosting packages, including web hosting, domains, servers, and SSL certificates, all powered by green energy sources.

Our servers are strategically situated in European data centers to ensure compliance with stringent Irish data protection regulations. Partnering with eco-friendly facilities, our Finnish data center utilizes wind and hydropower, while our German data center relies on 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.


2 GB Ram
20 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic
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€15 / month


3 CPUs
4 GB Ram
80 GB Disk
20 TB Traffic
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€25 / month


1 database
2 mailboxes
20 GB Disk
Free SSL certificate
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€12.50 / month

The energy driving our servers is responsibly sourced and verified through Guarantees of Origin (GoO), aligning with the RES-E Directive and adhering to the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) standard. Our trusted partner, Oomi Oy, acquires a corresponding amount of electricity certified with a guarantee of origin. This commitment undergoes annual verification by an accredited auditor, ensuring the transparency and accountability of our eco-friendly practices.

As for the electricity powering our office, we operate entirely off-grid. This means we are not connected to the national electricity grid. Instead, our power is self-generated through solar PV (Photovoltaic panels) and a wind turbine crafted according to a design by Hugh Piggott. To delve deeper into wind turbine technology, you can learn more from Hugh’s site. This off-grid approach underscores our commitment to sustainable and self-sufficient energy practices.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Transform your business’s online presence with our Dedicated Server plans, strategically designed for both web designers and business owners. Our dedicated servers offer a powerful hosting solution, providing unmatched performance, robust security, and scalable resources. Whether you’re a web designer aiming to enhance client websites or a business owner seeking a reliable hosting platform, our Dedicated Servers empower you to efficiently manage and allocate resources. Elevate your online ventures confidently with our hosting services, delivering a seamless and high-performance experience for both web designers and business owners alike.