SSL Certificates

Doing business online its good practice to have Secure Sockets Layer protection. SSL locks your site visitors sensitive data against fraud and identity theft. An SSL certificate provides encryption and validation to your customer. They know your business is trustworthy and they can purchase with confidence because your site is secure with SSL protection

Domain Validation (DV)

These certificates are generally the least expensive and are available to all individuals, sole traders, businesses, organizations and government entities. There is no need to supply any documents or process callbacks. All you need is to pass domain ownership verification. You can protect personal websites or even company portals and e-commerce projects.

✨€8.78 / year✨

Organization Validation (OV)

Are a perfect middle ground between the ease and performance of Domain Validated SSL certificates and their more high-end Extended Validation counterparts. Allowing end-users to check verified company name, address and phone number of the website they are visiting. OV certificates have significantly higher warranty level comparing to domain validation certs.

✨€30.80 / year✨

Extended Validation (EV)

Has one major advantage over its DV and OV counterparts the EV name badge. In the past this used to be called the green address bar, but nowadays it’s not always green. Regardless of its color, Extended Validation is the only way to get your organization’s name in the address bar. It’s an unmistakable assertion of your website’s identity.

✨€79.84 / year✨

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