Eirbyte collects personal information solely for the purpose of providing the services we offer and for billing and accounting purposes. At each point of collection, we will endeavor to provide transparency as to the purpose, retention, transfer and use of such data.

We also collect information for fraud prevention, for ticketing support system, for live-chat service notifications.

Eirbyte only collects and retains data about individuals or organisations with our customers consent and for the services we offer and for billing purposes via the online website, control panels, and e-commerce site, or where provided directly by the end user for the purpose of contracting for the services we offer.

We do not share your personal information with Third Parties unless you have consented to it as required for the purpose of registering for any products we re-sell, in those instances we currently have contractual agreements in place that ensure the 3rd party upholds it’s GDPR obligations with regard to data security and privacy.

GDPR requires us to minimize the data we keep unless it’s required for the provision of a service or for existing legal requirements (such as Revenue purposes) so we keep your data only for as long as it’s needed for the original purpose we collected it.

Where feasible Eirbyte will make every possible effort to ensure the data we hold relating to a data subject is kept up to date and accurate. We may do this by periodically contacting the data subject via email with requests, that the data is verified by the data subject. It is your responsibility to ensure your data that we hold is up to date. Eirbyte reserve the right to suspend any services which were purchased under fraudulent pretense and forward any relevant data to An Gárda Síochana.